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Specific Steps to Finding & Removing Head Lice
PLUS: What to do if you DON'T find lice YET !!


Is your child irritable and scratching his head?
Did a Head Lice Warning come home from school/daycare with your child?
Did her friend's mom call to say that the friend has head lice?
Did the coach let you know that a teammate has head lice?

In Less than 10 Minutes You Will Know...
How to properly check for head lice and nits...
find-head-lice What to do if you find head lice or their nits (those are the eggs)...
head-lice-mistakes What NOT to do - avoid common mistakes that people make that end up actually HELPING the lice...
no-head-lice What to do even if you don't find lice YET...
get-rid-of-head-lice How to get rid of lice on clothes, carpets, pillows and more...
treat-head-lice Which areas to treat for head lice - other than the head including the bedroom, bathroom...
cure-head-lice-fast All you need to know without hours of research - get right to the point and kill the lice...
real-head-lice-information Real information - not sales information from head lice shampoo companies...
...got 10 minutes?

You could spend hours researching head lice online - how to find them, kill them and prevent them from spreading... or, you can take the next 10 minutes to get the exact steps to eliminate head lice with the steps in this ebook.



Plus for the 80%+ of you that won't find head lice YET...
you'll learn what to do to increase your chances of eliminating the threat of head lice EVERY TIME your child comes into contact with them.


This is not the time to wait around - lice move fast!
Another 20-100 eggs may have been laid on your child's head while you've read this page!



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We cannot guarntee that following the steps outlined in this ebook will eliminate head lice... but they'll give you a better chance than doing nothing! We highly suggest that you consult your doctor.